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John Zigouras - Certified Fitness Trainer: Currently lives in Scituate with his wife Nancy and their three girls.  John grew up in Carver and loved playing sports and weight training.  After high school, John attended Bridgewater State College and Quincy College.  While focusing on Business in college and earning a Business Administration degree, John's love for nutrition and fitness never ended. He recently graduated from the International Sports Sciences Association and became a Certified Fitness Trainer.  John would love to give clients the knowledge he has attained over the years to become and stay fit through proper nutrition and exercise.  John is CPR AED Certified.

Nancy Zigouras - Holistic Health Coach, Certified Spin Instructor:  Currently lives in Scituate with her husband John and three girls. Nancy grew up in Scituate and attended Fisher College in Boston.  She is teacher-certified and taught pre-K for several years. Nancy graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is currently a Holistic Health Coach and a certified Spinning Instructor.  She has been involved with nutrition from early age—having been a vegetarian since seven years old—and has always had a passion for eating healthy and cooking delicious meals for family and friends. She leads a healthy and active lifestyle with her family.

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​Kate Huggins - Growing up I was involved in a alot of Sports.  I played softball throughout high school and college and still do.  I have always had a passion for physical fitness and I believe that I've bestowed that upon my five kids.  Time and time again, I'm reminded of the positive effects of exercise has on my own physical and psychological well-being, and my appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve is ever increasing.  As a personal trainer and Spin instructor,  I want to share my enthusiasm, encourage a happier lifestyle, and help you realize what your body is capable of.  I believe with the right training program, a bit of determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals. "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." ~C.S. Lewis